Pottstown Paralympic Hopeful on 2024 Paris Games: ‘Locked In and Ready to Go’


Marvin Pearson, a blind-deaf runner from Pottstown, is training for the 100-meter dash in the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. TaRhonda Thomas, 6abc, profiled the current regimen — and upbeat attitude — he expects will get him there.

Pearson started losing his sight in the second grade when his retina inexplicably detached. Later, he lost his hearing as well, but cochlear implants are now aiding him.

An elementary school phys-ed teacher helped him step out as a runner.

He asked Pearson how, considering his physical status, he wanted to proceed with activities like running. The youngster merely replied, “I’m going to hold onto you. Just go!”

Pearson later became a notable performer on both the football field and the track and field arena at Overbrook School for the Blind.

He’s now working his way onto Team USA.

Pearson said he’s dreaming big “…to see this dream come true not only for me but for the other young men and women across the country who feel like they’ve been doubted and counted out.”

He uses a guide runner — a sighted athlete aside a blind competitor — to navigate training sessions safely.

He’s concentrating now on his strength and his stride, two keys to do well in upcoming qualifying meets.

More on Pottstown’s Marvin Pearson is at 6abc.


In 2016, Pottstown’s Marvin Pearson sat down with Ellen DeGeneris to talk about his athletic accomplishments.

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