Television Star Discusses Her Formative Years at Bryn Mawr College

Actress Maggie Siff is a 1996 graduate of Bryn Mawr College.

bryn-mawr-logoBryn Mawr College graduate Maggie Siff, currently starring in the hit television show “Billions,” began her career on campus at Goodhart Theater, writes Mark Lord for the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin.

After spending her college theater days under the tutelage of Lord, chair of the Bryn Mawr College’s theater department, she recalled floating between English House and Goodhart.

“My English professor and mentor, Joe Kramer, was a great lover of Shakespeare and literature,” she said. “He came to every show and just loved the way you were looking at narrative and deconstructing it.”

Her big break came when she was cast in “Mad Men,” which she said was really a fun ride and led her to “Sons of Anarchy” and now to her latest project, “Billions.”

“The role was interesting to me because usually female supporting characters are consigned to one realm or another,” Siff said about “Billions.”

“It’s rare that you see them in multiple realms, and she had her finger in every pie. And I got really excited about that.”

Read her entire interview with the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin by clicking here.

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