Montgomery County Community College Bans Weapons on Campus

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mccc-logoThe Board of Trustees of Montgomery County Community College unanimously voted to adjust the school’s policy to ban all weapons on campus, writes Alison Burdo for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The adjusted policy prohibits even people with a conceal and carry permit from bringing a gun onto the campus of the community college.

The change in policy comes on the heels of an exceptionally violent weekend, which included a shootout in West Philadelphia that wounded two Philadelphia police officers and three others and left one woman dead. However, school officials stated that this was not the cause of the new regulation, which went into effect immediately.

“We just wanted to be proactive rather than reactive,” said board member Ed Mullin. His physical plant committee initiated the recommended change in policy, which was then presented to the full board.

The new rules at the Blue Bell-based school allow for an exception for law enforcement personnel and uniformed members of the U.S. armed services when they are conducting official business on campus.

Read more about the decision in the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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