Pottstown Library Renovation Uncovers Wealth of Architectural Treasures

The façade of the Pottstown Regional Public Library.

The most expensive and largest phase of the Pottstown Regional Public Library renovation has uncovered a wealth of hidden architectural treasures in the building, writes Evan Brandt for The Pottstown Mercury.

The renovation has revealed some interesting original elements of the building, which was originally a Post Office. The removal of some walls and ceilings has uncovered a foundation for a spiral staircase leading to the third floor that will be restored and incorporated into the final design.

In addition, architectural glass blocks that allow natural light through skylights from the third to the main floor have been unveiled and will now become part of the library’s lighting scheme. The original mosaic floor along the front portion of the building was also uncovered, with plans already underway to restore it.

The rehabilitation began in 2013 with the replacement of the library’s roof and HVAC system. However, the latest phase is by far the most ambitious, as among other things it will make the building much more accessible for the disabled.

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