Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Joins 111th Attack Wing at Horsham Air Guard Station

Marianne Bustin
Marianne Bustin is the new 111th Attack Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator at Horsham Air Guard Station. Photo courtesy of Tech. Sgt. Andria Allmond.

Marianne Bustin recently joined the 111th Attack Wing at Horsham Air Guard Station as the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, writes Tech. Sgt. Andria Allmond for Defense Video Imagery Distribution System.

In a recent interview with the Wing’s public affairs office, Bustin talked about what her role will be as the base’s SARC, her belief system, and returning home after more than 20 years in the Navy.

Bustin explained that the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator has the responsibility of training members in sexual assault prevention and response, coordinating victim advocates, as well as promptly responding to any allegations of sexual assault. She notes that with any allegation she does “like to see the victims at some point in time.”

When it comes to her belief system as an advocate for sexual assault victims, Bustin said that she always believes.

“So, I start by believing regardless of what the story is; whoever comes to me, I believe what they tell me,” she explained. “And I advocate 100 percent for the victim. That is my sole purpose.”

After retiring from the Navy she moved to the defense logistics agency as there was no SARC position in the area.

“Then, just randomly, I saw this job open up in Horsham. When I saw it was a civilian position, I applied. So, it’s been full circle for me.“

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