Blue Bell’s Ruttenberg Autism Center Provides Unique Training to Conshohocken Police

David M. Maola, CEO of the Ruttenberg Autism Center in Blue Bell. Photo courtesy of Gene Walsh, Digital First Media.

The new autism center in Blue Bell not only provides benefits for its patients, but for the local police as well, writes Justin Heinze for the Roxborough-Manayunk Patch.

Courtesy of the new Ruttenberg Autism Center, the Conshohocken Police Department received special training on Monday and Wednesday as the center’s staff educated officers who are often the first responders to incidents involving Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Ruttenberg Autism Center on Walton Road in Blue Bell has a team of medical doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. The training gave an overview of the challenges of deficits, communicating, and sensory processes, as well as insight and strategies on how to successfully and more safely interact with people who have intellectual disabilities.

“We have an opportunity to build lasting relationships with law enforcement and local disability advocacy organizations, being a more effective guardian of our community,” said Michael Orler, Conshohocken’s Police Chief. “We are aiming to be more informed and prevent tragedy when first responders have interaction with those who have intellectual disabilities.”

Read more about the training at the Roxborough-Manayunk Patch by clicking here.

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