New Hope Residents and Businesses Aim to Keep Their Town Unique 


shoppers on sidewalk in New Hope
Image via R. Kennedy, Visit Bucks County.
Businesses and residents are trying to "keep New Hope weird",  Lori Stagnitto is one of many trying to preserve New Hope’s “funky soul."

Businesses and residents are trying to “keep New Hope weird”, writes Kevin Riordan for The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

Lori Stagnitto is one of the residents trying to preserve New Hope’s “funky soul” and has concerns about the rising tide of development disrupting the unique character of the town.  

Due to spiking rents set by the ongoing development, artisans and small entrepreneurs have been priced out of the historic district along Main Street.  

New Hope Borough Council President Ken Maisel said that development can be both a blessing and a curse. Maisel says that he welcomes developers “who have good intentions and are willing to work within the guidelines.” 

“Welcoming new businesses and residents and historic preservation don’t have to be mutually exclusive,” said first-term council member Kelly Whitman.  

The borough council is trying to initiate a new comprehensive plan for New Hope.  

Stagnitto, while in support of this initiative, still wants to use all the tools at her disposal to fight development and preserve the character of the town.  

“If we lose our history, we lose our soul, and we lose the main reason people come to New Hope,” she said.  

Read more about the efforts to preserve New Hope’s charm in The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

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