The Washington Post Ranks Pizza From Two Chester County Joints Among Best Pizzas in Pennsylvania

Chicago-style pizza
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Two Chester County pizza joints got flowers for their pies, which are some of the best in the Keystone State.

Although regional pizza styles, such as Detroit or Sicilian-style pizza are named after their place of origin, they can be found anywhere in the states, write Dylan Moriarty, Andrew Van Dam, Amanda Finnegan, and Gabe Hiatt for The Washington Post.  

The Washington Post analyzed 7.5 million Yelp reviews to determine the best regional pizza in the U.S. to see which styles had the most critical acclaim. The authors used national data to see which styles were most popular in each state. 

Two Chester County pizza joints got flowers for their Sicilian and Chicago-style pies. Gennaro’s Chicago Style Pizza in Pottstown made no. 2 on the list. Chicago deep dish can be defined by tall and thick crust and the sauce topping the cheese.  

For the Sicilian-style pizza, Jerry’s Pizza Pie in Honey Brook ranked no. 4. Sicilian pies have a thick, soft crust and a crunchy base.

The restaurants that made the Top 6 list of best pizza restaurants in The Keystone State had a ranking of 3.5 or more, and at least 25 Yelp reviews.  

Read more about which regional pizza styles are the most popular in Pennsylvania in The Washington Post.  

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