Local Favorite Iced Tea Brand Adds Hard Iced Tea Courtesy of Lansdale Distillery

Rosenberger's Iced Tea and Vodka.
Image via Boardroom Spirits.

Rosenberger’s, one of the most familiar iced tea and milk brands in the Mid-Atlantic region, has added a new hard iced tea made by Lansdale’s Boardroom Spirits, writes Michael Tanenbaum for the PhillyVoice.

The canned vodka drink is only available in Pennsylvania.

According to Boardroom Spirits’ Chris Roessler, the collaboration happened after an industry friend connected the two companies.

“The blend of tea and vodka is balanced with the right amount of sugar to give the product body and full flavor, without being overly sweet,” said Roessler. “We like to think of it as a taste of nostalgia in a can. Even if you didn’t grow up drinking Rosenberger’s Iced Tea like us, it’s a phenomenal product to try as an adult.”

Rosenberger’s Iced Tea and Vodka is a caffeinated, 4.5 percent ABV drink that can be bought online or at Boardroom Spirits’ bottle shop and tasting room in Lansdale.

“The coolest part about releasing a Rosenberger’s Iced Tea and Vodka is being able to absorb the history that the Rosenberger’s brand has built over the years,” Roessler added.

Read more about the collaboration at PhillyVoice.


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