Horsham-based Sofidel America Will Now Be Selling Nicky Brand


Sofidel, a leading international provider of paper for hygiene and domestic use, will now be selling its Nicky Brand to U.S. consumers, according to a staff report from Building Services Management.

The Nicky brand is well-known throughout Europe, but this will be the first time it is introduced in the United States. Nicky Elite is the first U.S.-produced household paper product to be made with sustainable paper packaging.

Nicky Elite’s mascot is a turtle named Shelly. The turtle is meant to remind customers of how important it is to reduce plastic waste to help protect marine wildlife.

“Sustainability is the heart of our mission and products,” said Fabio Vitali, Vice President of Marketing, Sofidel.

“We’re proud to offer our Nicky product line to the U.S. consumers to help them make more sustainable choices. We encourage the public to engage with Shelly the Turtle via our social media channels to learn more about our efforts to help protect marine wildlife and habitats.”

Nicky Elite can be purchased online at Amazon or Instacart, and at stores across the country.

Read more about Sofidel America which is headquartered in Horsham, at Building Services Management.


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