Common Resume Mistakes That Get Your Job Application Filtered by A.I.

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While job openings are abundant, competition is still fierce in today’s employment market. Simply submitting a resume online is probably not going to get you anywhere, especially with ATS scanners. Here are common resume mistakes that can cause your application to be filtered out by A.I., according to CNBC.  

Getting too Creative 

While going the unconventional route in resume design and format might be impressive to employers, it could be too confusing for A.I.  

Career experts advise avoiding pictures and custom fonts. Hyperlinks should be used sparingly. Overall, consistency is key in formatting the titles, dates, and descriptions.  

Assuming A.I. is More Intelligent Than It Actually is  

While ChatGPT can come across as uncanny at times, A.I. lacks the ability to understand subtext. A.I. tools that filter resumes are even less advanced than generative A.I. Matching keywords in your job description with your resume is the best way to keep your resume from going in the online waste bin.  

Not Considering the Humans  

While your resume is going to go through the A.I. filter first, remember that it will be met with human eyes on the other side.  

Read more about how to make sure your resume doesn’t get filtered A.I. resume on CNBC.  

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