Bala Cynwyd Mother of Seven Celebrates her Philly Roots with Third Restaurant

Nipotina Bala Cynwyd.
Image via Nipotina.

Marlo Dilks, a Bala Cynwyd mother of seven daughters, recently added Nipotina, a sandwich hotspot in Philadelphia, to the lineup of restaurants she owns, writes Ben Silver for the Main Line Today.

Dilks also runs SliCE Pizza and P’unk Burger.

Nipotina, which had a delayed opening due to the pandemic, is a throwback to deli counters of old the owner remembers from her childhood. The hole-in-the-wall eatery connects Dilks’ current life to a Philadelphia childhood when she worked at her father’s restaurants.

“One Saturday or Sunday morning, my father called me up and said that his waitress at Marlo’s was out and that he needed someone to help the other waitress by cleaning the tables off, and that’s where it all began,” said Dilks.

Even the menu items at the new eatery are directly inspired by the creations her father made with her in her youth.

“As far as the menu goes, everything is designed based on things that I ate as a kid,” said Dilks.

Some delicious examples include the fried meatball sandwich served without gravy and the restaurant’s namesake, The Nipotina, one of the best chicken cutlets in Philadelphia.

Read more about Nipotina in the Main Line Today.


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