This Historical Marker in Chester County Remembers Tragic Tale of Irish Railroad Workers

Duffy's Cut Mass Grave.
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Duffy's Cut Mass Grave.

Visitors who are looking to tour the Irish historical markers in the Philadelphia region should not miss the one dedicated to Duffy’s Cut Mass Grave in Malvern, writes Fionnuala Boyle for the Irish Star

This historical marker was placed in memory of the 57 Irish railroad workers who died under mysterious circumstances — and are suspected to have been murdered — amid a cholera epidemic. 

From 2009-2012, forensic analysis through the Duffy’s Cut Project team looked at seven sets of remains from the grave that revealed some workers suffered other injuries that may have led to their deaths.

“Nearby is the mass grave of fifty-seven Irish immigrant workers who died in August 1832, of cholera,” reads the marker. “Prejudice against Irish Catholics contributed to the denial of care to the workers. Their illness and death typified the hazards faced by many 19th-century immigrant industrial workers.” 

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