Collegeville Company’s Invention Poised to Be a Big Hit in the Pickleball Market

Victory Sports Technologies
Image via Victory Sports Technologies.
Erne is the latest innovation of Victory Sports Technologies.

Two Montgomery County entrepreneurs and pickleball lovers developed a technology to help fanatics of the sport improve their skills. Frank Pizzichillo, 52, and David Tribbett, 62, met four years ago at an Upper Gwynedd pickleball court, writes John George for the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

Their mutual love of the popular sport and desire to hone their skills drove the inception of the Collegeville-based company Victory Sports Technologies. Their latest innovation is a refined practice machine. 

The pair found that the practice machines they used were not worth the price tag.  

“I told Frank if we could come up with a new machine, which I was confident we could, we should consider making [and selling] them,” writes George.  

As a result, Erne was born. The machine is named after a difficult move in pickleball. This new machine has higher accuracy and can place balls at different heights and speeds.

It also has preprogrammed drills and can throw a ball between 10 to 65 miles an hour. The machine can also be controlled with a Smartphone app.  

The company is currently in talks with professional players to endorse Erne and become ambassadors. It so far has received 150 orders for its machines.  

Read more about the Collegeville-based company in the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

Take a look at how Erne works.

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