Increasingly Vibrant Outer Suburbs Are Redefining What It Means to Be ‘from the Philadelphia Area’

attraction in the suburbs
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The Carousel at Pottstown, one family-friendly attraction keeping the area an attractive suburb.

Two Montgomery County towns are among suburbs that are redefining what it means to hail from the “Greater Philadelphia” area. Sandy Smith covered the blurring geographies in the Philadelphia Magazine.

Suburbanites once defined themselves as living within commuting distance of city-based employment.

But as economic prosperity spread from city centers outward, those definitions evolved, especially as city-distant communities began to distinguish themselves as individual destinations.

Montco-adjacent Boyertown, for example, has been a small burg since its 1828 founding by an innkeeper.

In reinventing itself from that bucolic foundation, the town widened its appeal through civic initiatives that included establishing several museums. One is devoted to historic vehicles; one honors the Army Air Force.

Boyertown has also bolstered its credentials as a food destination. Notable restaurants include:

  • Firefly Café and Outpost (vegan fare).
  • Grind (a meatball-lover’s paradise)
  • Iezzi’s (a neighborhood bar)

Pottstown, the former industrial town, is also burnishing its own image as one of Philadelphia’s suburbs.

It proudly highlights an array of Victorian homes for their architectural and historical significance.

And the borough has also embraced assets related to its:

Read more about these blossoming towns in Philadelphia Magazine.


A video tour of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles.

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