Metro Philadelphia Ranked One of World’s Top Beer Destinations for 2023

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Philadelphia placed ninth on Vine Pair's list of top ten beer destinations in the world that are worth planning your vacation around in 2023.

Beer, especially craft beer, continues to grow in popularity, and many people are starting to plan their vacations around finding the best destinations where they can fully enjoy a good pint, writes Olivia White for the Vine Pair.

Thanks to its continuously expanding brewing scene, this year Philadelphia has found its place on the list of top-ten beer destinations in the world. The City of Brotherly Love placed ninth.

Beer is tightly intertwined with the city’s history. The nation’s first capital was known as the most accomplished brewing city outside of Europe in the 1800s.

Since then the tradition has continued until today, with 130 craft breweries across the Philadelphia region serving dozens of beers in a number of styles.

Love City Brewing, which serves a dozen beers on draft, is one of the must-visit destinations. Even if you do not make it to the taproom, Love City’s brews can be found in pubs across the city. And if you want to check out craft beers from several producers at once, head to Monk’s Cafe.

As a bonus, Philly Beer Week will take place from June 3 to June 12.

Read more about the top beer destinations in the Vine Pair.


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