Two Upper Salford Farmers, Rooted in the Public Good, Enable New Connector Trail

Park to Perkiomen
Image via the Montgomery County Planning Commission.
The Park to Perkiomen Trail (denoted by yellow dots).

A “Park to Perkiomen” trail now connects Upper Salford Park in Schwenksville with the Perkiomen Trail in Spring Mount, 1.3 miles to the southwest. The link’s ribbon cutting was covered by John Worthington in The Times Herald.

The new pathway gives runners and walkers another way of enjoying one of the most naturally picturesque regions of Montgomery County.

Cyclists can use it to merge smoothly onto the Perkiomen Trail in two directions: further northwest to Green Lane Park or southeast, to Valley Forge National Historical Park and, from there, into Philadelphia or Chester County.

Key to connecting all the dots were Bill Schirk and Kathleen Hutt. The two local farmers allowed access points involving their properties.

Funding came from sources that included:

Upper Salford Township Supervisor Ted Poatsy commented on the completion of the trail. “it’s wonderful to go from imagination to vision to plans,” he said. “Somehow we got it done.”

More on the Park to Perkiomen trail is at The Times Herald.


A look at the Perkiomen Trail in Spring Mount.

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