Cheltenham Couple Fell in Love Through This Long-Lost Art

Adrienne and Maurice Dupree with daughter Drew.
Adrienne Lanier Dupree, Maurice Dupree, and their daughter at their wedding at the Bluestone Country Club.

Adrienne Lanier Dupree and Maurice Dupree, residents of Cheltenham, have a unique love story that has withstood many obstacles, writes Kellie Patrick Gates for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Both grew up in North Philadelphia, but their lives initially took different trajectories. Maurice was incarcerated on a weapons charge at the age of 22, while Adrienne had plans for pursuing a college education.

He was first intrigued by her when he saw photos of her. He asked her brother Anthony if he could talk to her. Adrienne agreed to accept a letter from him, and that letter turned into a whirlwind of communication.

One letter grew into two to three letters a week.

“I was writing one letter when a song came on by 50 Cent, ’21 Questions,’ so I started that letter with 21 questions for her: ‘What’s your favorite food? What’s your worse fear?’ And I asked her to ask me 21 questions,” Maurice said.

Eventually letters turned into phone calls and then Maurice was released from the Philadelphia Detention Center in August 2010 after two and a half years of incarceration. He was never convicted of the weapons charge but had to remain in the detention center through pretrial motions and appeals.

Finally, they were able to truly get to know one another.  They started slowly with phone calls, but their relationship quickly blossomed. Today, they are raising their daughter Drew and living in Cheltenham.

Learn more about Adrienne Lanier Dupree and Maurice Dupree’s love story in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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