For an Elkins Park Woman, Baby Gear Rental Was Invaluable Service


Magrielle Eisen, of Elkins Park, found the baby gear rental service Baby Gear Group a helpful service as she navigated the world of parenthood, writes Nydia Han and Heather Grubola for 6ABC.

The service, which was launched in 2020 by Bo Zhao, offers parents the chance to try things out before they buy them — or in some cases — decide not to buy them.

When the site first launched, Eisen was already a mother to a toddler and pregnant with twins.

“I got to try out lots of different items and see what I liked and see what I didn’t like and traded them in, and it’s been fantastic,” she said.

The service functions on a membership, depending on how much gear a parent thinks they might need. The mini membership costs $49 a month and provides five items to try out. The basic for 10 items is $99, while 15 items come under the “more” membership that costs $199 a month.

Between uses, the items are all inspected for quality and cleaned.

“There’s a mix of brand new and gently used,” said Zhao. “Everything is in great condition and if something is not up to par then we take it out of circulation.”

Read more about the service at 6ABC.

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