Ardmore Public Relations Firm’s AI Press-Release Generator a Game-Changer for Clients

Image via Gregory FCA.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for years as people try to seek ways to improve their work lives and find the best methods of using technology to their advantage. 

Gregory FCA, a public relations firm based in Ardmore, is one such company that, instead of fearing AI, has harnessed its power to create a tool that aids clients’ ability to generate press releases. Writing is a skill that does not come easily to some people, this tool — known as Write Release — is the perfect starting point for writing press releases. 

Write Release was created by Greg Matusky, founder and president of Gregory FCA, and has been the company’s most successful campaign ever. No matter your company’s industry, Write Release is simple to use and generates hundreds of different kinds of press releases. 

How does it work? 

By answering some prompts and writing a few sentences, Write Release generates a press release made exactly from the information given. Types of press release ideas include fundraising, book releases, merger announcements, and more. However, Write Release is meant to help you jump into writing, not be a final copy of the press release. 

As someone who has years of writing experience under his belt, Matusky acknowledged that there are people who can benefit from a tool like Write Release. 

“People contact me every day to tell me how much they like using Write Release and how it’s helped them get started on something they never knew they could do,” said Matusky.  

People often struggle with connecting the thoughts in their brains to content on the page. To Matusky, generative AI helps you concentrate on your goal of communication. As AI is quickly becoming more popular, it is the perfect time to experiment and see what does and does not work.  

“If you are experiencing writer’s block or are having trouble thinking of certain words or phrases, using AI can be an answer,” he said. “We all know more than what we can express, and a little assistance doesn’t hurt.” 

Matusky has already had companies reach out to him from around the globe asking to use Write Release. Currently, the product is free to use, and he does not have any plans to commercialize it. 

“Three years later, I am as excited about generative AI as I was on day one,” said Matusky. 

Learn more about Write Release at Gregory FCA

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