Philly Tech Trends: How Connected Devices Provide Additional Safety as Employees Return to the Office

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With the pandemic lasting for nearly two years at this point, there are many reasons offices might become hybrid even as they are willing to allow people back on location. Perhaps some employees strongly don’t feel safe to return yet.

Or perhaps the company hired workers during the start of everything who fit in fine to work remote but are too distant to commute. Whatever the reason, the reality is companies need to prepare to accommodate a hybrid environment.

One method to do this is to integrate some of the cloud technology we have all become so much more dependent on of late. CIO recently published an article on the matter, touching on some of the ways connected devices can provide a safer workspace for on-site employees.

One highly practical example of this is sensor-activated lights. If you are trying to reduce high-touch surfaces, starting with places like light switches is a great entry point. Using motion sensors to turn on a room’s lights not only helps reduce germs, but also helps with reducing power usage from people who forget to turn things off.

However, connected devices can also provide safety improvements in terms of the building’s security from trespassers. Installing smart cameras in a building can help notify security of a problem the moment it happens.

A regular camera is only beneficial if someone is actively monitoring it, but a smart camera allows security to be away from a station taking care of another problem, but still receive updates about issues like an entry door that has been left open.

Modern connected devices can even be used to track data that can help you further optimize the workplace.

Certain sensors can compile information about an area’s temperature, how active a spot it is for people passing through, or even track the device’s location itself if it is moved.

A lot has advanced in the last two years, and much can be done to improve a workspace rather than just returning to the same old office like nothing has changed.

To learn more about the uses that connected devices have for hybrid offices, read the article from CIO here.


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