Five Laid-Back Jobs That Are Low Stress

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The nine-to-five workday can be rather stressful in today’s rat race. However, plenty of laid-back jobs will make you feel like you’re already retired. Here are a few, according to  

Travel Writer  

For those with the travel bug, this job will allow you to make money by exploring the world. Freelancers can set their own hours and write as little or as much to their heart’s desire.  

Dog Walker 

Plenty of people need help with their furry friends, especially if they aren’t home all day. Walking a dog can earn you $20 to $30 per 30 minutes, and sometimes up to $60 per hour. Plus, you get to spend time outside!  

Freelance Web Developer 

If you have computer skills, this job can make you a decent amount of money. Some businesses might be looking for freelancers or contractors to build their websites. This position can be remote and pays around $37.65 an hour.  

Freelance Reader 

There are many writers who need an extra set of eyes to look over their manuscripts. Publishers often hire readers to review books, so they can determine if the project is worth pursuing.  

Salon or Spa Receptionist  

This position will allow guests and clients in a soothing environment. Receptionists are also responsible for scheduling appointments. More often than not, you can have a lot of down time.  

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