Blue Bell Accounting Firm Didn’t Account for Growth that Now Requires an Office Renovation

McCarthy & Co. site
Image via Google Street View.
The Blue Bell building in which McCarthy & Co. operates its accounting firm; the practice has expanded so much, the office is being expanded a year after the initial move.

A little over a year since McCarthy & Co. moved into its new Blue Bell headquarters, the accounting firm has already outgrown the space, writes Jeff Blumenthal for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

In the past three years, McCarthy & Co. has more than doubled its local headcount and has almost done the same with annual revenue.

To accommodate that workforce and client list, the firm started a month-long renovation at its Walton Point Executive Center offices on Mar. 1. The renovation will add 2,852 square feet to the business’ existing 10,000-square-foot office space. The augmented layout will contain four new offices, along with collaboration stations.

Collaboration stations are a new concept for the firm and will be called “GAAP Street,” a play on the words for generally accepted accounting principles.

According to McCarthy & Co. Managing Partner Marty McCarthy, the firm realized six months after moving into the new space it would need more.

“I don’t think anyone could have imagined the growth we would have had,” said McCarthy. “I’m a pretty optimistic person, but it really grew quickly.”

Read more about McCarthy & Co. in the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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