Fort Washington Teacher Aide Saves Middle Schooler’s Life

Image via NBC 10 Philadelphia.
Verushka Greta Parker saved Lydia Malloy's life through this one method.

A Fort Washington teacher aide is now being lauded as a hero after saving a student’s life. Verushka Greta Parker was outside of Lydia Malloy’s English class at Sandy Run Middle School in the Upper Dublin School District when the incident happened, according to NBC 10 Philadelphia.

It was a piece of candy that started it. Malloy says that the candy got stuck in her throat, eventually causing her to choke.  

Parker saw Malloy struggling and sprang into action, giving her the Heimlich maneuver. Parker has been CPR trained since childhood, and as a foster parent, she stays on top of keeping them up to date. However, this was the first time Parker has ever used the Heimlich maneuver. “I’m really happy about it, I’m really glad she was there,” said Malloy.

While Parker doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, she’s using this as an opportunity to remind everyone to get certified in CPR-training.  

“I can’t say it enough, everyone should be CPR-trained. You never know when anything can happen,” she says. 

Learn more about Parker’s heroic actions on NBC 10.  

CPR Certification Institute’s 2020 guidelines on first aid for choking kids.

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