West Chester’s IT Edge Focuses On Making Dental Websites Squeaky Clean for March


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With the winter months soon to be behind us, it’s time for people to start preparing for Spring and Summer. When people think about the Spring and Summer, they think of new beginnings and rejuvenation. Additionally, people will start putting more effort into their appearance in order to feel and look good for the rapidly approaching summer months.

That means these coming months are a great opportunity for businesses that help people feel good and confident about their appearances.  If you’re a dentist or work in a dentist office, you could see an uptick in traffic in the coming months specifically for this reason. After all, who doesn’t like having a nice smile?

That’s why March is dentist month at IT Edge. They’ll be offering special discounts and digital marketing services specifically for dental practices, in order to help them get off on the right foot during this potentially busy season. 

Google Business Profiles Make or Break Your Practice

There are many benefits to having a digital marketer on staff, or in the case of IT Edge, a digital marketing partner. Digital marketers are professionals at using the digital tools at their disposal to help grow awareness about your business. One of the most important services for a business of any kind is the Google Business Profile.

 The Google Business Profile is especially important to use for a multitude of reasons. As we all know, Google is one of the biggest tech giants on the planet. The Google Business Profile gives your business a dedicated page directly on Google whenever people search for your business. On this page, you can include various important information about your business.

For example, you can include the hours of operation, a phone number, an address, photos of your business, a link to your website, and reviews. All of this information is vital for people to learn about your services, so it’s extremely important to have it set up. 

That’s why for this month only, IT Edge is offering a free setup and optimization of your businesses’ Google Business Profile.

A Clean Website for Clean Teeth

In today’s business world, most everybody has a website. But, there’s a difference between owning a website and operating one so that it serves as a tool for your business. 

When a customer comes across your website, first impressions are everything. People do not typically spend a lot of time browsing around looking for different information, so all of it needs to be readily accessible and attention grabbing. This can only be achieved by consistently managing your website, ensuring that things are running the way they are supposed to.

Luckily, IT Edge has a team of website management professionals ready and willing to help your business. They believe the appearance of your website should accurately reflect your business as a whole. A clean website means clean teeth or a clean practice!

That’s why this month, IT Edge is offering a free consultation to all in the dental field who are looking for website management, or to simply rework the appearance of their current website.

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