Jason Kelce’s Work Is Never Done, Even With a New Daughter at Home

Jason and Kylie Kelcie pose for a photo before Kylie delivered their third daughter, Bennett
Image via Kylie Kelce, Instagram
Jason and Kylie Kelce

Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce is expressing some humorous remorse at having to leave his wife, Kylie, and new daughter Bennett just four days after Kylie delivered, as well as miss his daughter Elliotte’s birthday, writes Angela Andalor for People magazine.

The 35-year-old had to go to the NFL Combine to conduct interviews for his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.

“I’m not going to lie, you know those mugs that have like, ‘World’s Best Dad’ on it? I feel like over this past week, I definitely deserve a mug that says, ‘Most Neglectful Father.'”

His wife held off the celebration of Elliotte’s birthday until Kelce could return.

Bennett was born Feb. 23, 11 days after Jason and Travis played in the Super Bowl.  

Speaking to People last month, Kylie talked about being proud of the kind of dad her husband is to their girls.

“It’s been amazing to see him sort of transformed from only having a brother, not having any first cousins, so really having like no experience with little girls. And now, he is just absolutely head over heels in love with his daughters, and they feed that back to him tenfold.”

Read more about Jason and Kylie Kelce at People magazine.


Jason Kelce clowns around with his daughters after practice.

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