NAACP’s Cheltenham Branch Tackles Racial Disparities in School Discipline

members of the Cheltenham Branch NAACP Youth Leadership Committee
Image via Liza Meiris, for WHYY.
Springfield Township High School students, along with other members of the Cheltenham Branch NAACP Youth Leadership Committee attend a Breonna Taylor rally.

The Youth Leadership Committee of NAACP’s Cheltenham Branch recently put the spotlight on racial disparities in school discipline with a video of anonymous stories of discrimination within Springfield Township High School, writes Kenny Cooper for WHYY.

The group is now inviting the public to talk about ways of promoting anti-racism in schools at a Zoom town hall that will be held on May 19.

The branch had been working on racial justice issues inside local schools for six months. They spent the most time at Springfield Township High School, which is over 70 percent white.

The student group has made huge strides in implementing curriculum changes, including improvements to how Black history is taught. They also uncovered major racial disparities in discipline, so they reached out to students and alumni to make a video that will bring this issue to the forefront.

And despite their apprehension, once they sent the video to the school administration they received an encouraging response.

“To our surprise, they were very positive,” said committee member Candace Harrison, a sophomore at Springfield Township High School.  “And they wanted to help us as well.”

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