PrimoHoagies Opens in King of Prussia Town Center: Freebies Served Up Today

Image via PrimoHoagies at YouTube.
A PrimoHoagies menu item.

PrimoHoagies opens a new shop in the King of Prussia Town Center today, Feb. 21. To celebrate, certain customers will be treated to a free sandwich, as reported by Happening Next.

The Primo-sized hoagie giveaway applies only to the first 100 customers in line. They must be participants in the brand’s rewards program, which hoagie aficionados can join easily by texting Primo to 484-270-4000. The event begins at 9:45 AM.

For the remainder of opening day (until the 8:00 PM closing), the Primo hoagies are half price, again for registered rewards members only.

The shop’s owner is Judy Chong; she has owned the Dresher PrimoHoagies for more than 16 years.

“In addition to serving the freshest, most authentic hoagies, Primo is all about community — coming together to share good food, stopping by your local store for your favorite hoagie, and supporting your neighbors,” she said.

“With so many living communities and employers based right here, the King of Prussia Town Center attracts a wide variety of customers seeking unique, delicious, quality meals. We can’t wait to introduce them all to … Primo,” she concluded.

More information on the new PrimoHoagies in King of Prussia is at Happening Next.


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