Pottstown Native Introduces Hoagies to Hoosiers

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Image via Hoagies & Hops at Facebook.
Where's this classic-looking hoagie from? Would you believe Indianapolis?

Hoagies & Hops, an Indianapolis restaurant conceived Pottstown-born Kristina Mazza, serves up plenty of Philly-area signature dishes. But the most compelling menu item might be nostalgia. Asha Prihar rolled out the story of a transplanted local and her unique restaurant in Billy Penn.

Mazza, the business’ owner, crafted her Philly-meets-the-Midwest menu looking to address her hoagie homesickness and Whiz wistfulness.

Her commitment to authenticity runs so deep that she auditioned several contenders for the role of roll. After numerous taste tests, she opted for one from a South Jersey bakery.

“That’s the number one ingredient,” Mazza said of her bedrock bread.

Her instance on an Italian roll took some acclimation from her non-Philly customers; they seemed confused that cheesesteaks weren’t on a base more traditional for them, a French roll.

Mazza’s one regret is her menu’s absence of a soft pretzel. She was having stock shipped in at one time, but her supplier fell victim to the pandemic. And she has yet to find a worthy second choice.

One of her joys is a visit from someone from back home, well-versed in Wawa, the Jersey Shore, and the Phila. Eagles.

“I love when people come in here, and they’re all wearing their Eagles gear, and they start talking,” she said.

More on Hoagies & Hops is at Billy Penn.

Hoggie? Hoagie? It’s all good.

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