This Montgomery County Brewery Has Some of the Best Beers in Pennsylvania  

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There’s an abundance of breweries scattered across the state, and some call Montgomery County home. With the germination of beer venues in the past decade, no hophead will be left thirsting for foam. In order find the best brew in the state, the website Stacker used data from BeerAdvocate and compiled a list of the highest-ranking beers.  

Many of breweries across the Philadelphia suburbs made the list, including Delco-based 2SP Brewing company’s ranked no. 19, for its Russian Imperial Stout.   

Bucks County’s Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company also made the list at No. 16, for the “Shape Of Hops to Come” imperial.  

Downingtown’s Victory Brewing Company earned the ninth spot for its three beers, Java Cask (ranked at No. 31), DirtWolf (No. 38), and Hop Ranch (No. 84).  

But Ardmore’s very own Tired Hands Brewing Company stole the show, ranking at number one.

It has 38 top beers in Pennsylvania overall. Its highest-ranked beers are the Ethiopian coffee-flavored American Stout Only Void (No. 5), Double Milkshake IPA (No. 6) and the Extra Extra Knuckle New England IPA (No. 9).  

Read more about highly ranked beers on Stacker.  

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