Upper Pottsgrove Residents Protest to Save Smola Farm

participant in Smola Farm discussion
Image via Evan Brant at YouTube.
Herb Miller (standing), came to lobby for the continued designation of Smola Farm as open space; he is a former Pottsgrove Township commissioner.

Upper Pottsgrove residents are up in arms regarding a plan to build $5.5 million municipal buildings on the former Smola Farm. On Jan. 17, a crowd of protestors spilled out of the room holding a public meeting with the township commissioners, reported Evan Brandt for The Mercury.

Residents who oppose the plan say that the land — north of Pottstown, south of Gilbertsville was purchased by the township as protected open space.

So far, two of the three commissioners agree, and don’t support the development of the proposed municipal complex.

At the meeting, the letter from David Smola — nephew of late Thomas Smola — was read to the commissioners. The letter said that when the property was sold to the township in 2009, it was stipulated that there would be no development on the land.

“To keep going with plans to build on this vista is contrary to the laws and Constitution of this Commonwealth and to the wish of this community,” said former commissioner Herb Miller, who originally convinced Smola to sell the land.

Some in favor of the development argue that the project, which would include administration buildings, police, and highway departments, would only take up 3.5 acres.

Those in opposition suggested an alternative place for the development, which would be at the intersection of Heather Place and Route 100.

Read more about the Upper Pottsgrove community’s opinions on the Smola Farm development in The Mercury.


Here’s former Pottsgrove Township Commissioner Herb Miller, presenting what he said was
documentation ensuring that the former Smola Farm would remain open space.

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