Mrs. Classic Universe from Haverford: Reign Is a Major Life Upswing from Being Almost Felled by a Truck

Jennifer Lynn Robinson in crown and sash
Image via Monica Herndon at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Jennifer Lynn Robinson, reigning Mrs. Classic Universe.

Jennifer Lynn Robinson, a Haverford resident, has won the title of current Mrs. Classic Universe, an international beauty pageant for women over 40. Elizabeth Wellington wrote about her distinction in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Robinson’s path to the beauty queen title started 14 years ago after she was hit by a truck.

Despite suffering multiple broken bones and a mild, traumatic brain injury, she was back to work part-time at AAA Mid-Atlantic within six months.

In 2012, she started her first business, which evolved into Purposeful Networking. The consulting firm seeks to instruct corporate leaders and other business professionals how to be charming in social settings.

In 2015, she started public speaking, and before long, her calendar was stuffed with hundreds of corporate gigs. Her success in this arena culminated in a 2020 virtual TEDx talk at the University of Arkansas.

The following year she entered the Mrs. Classic Universe pageant, and in summer 2022, she won.

“I learned so much about myself,” said Robinson. “And I know this: Whatever you think your boundaries are, there is always a way to move past them.

“That is something we all need to ask ourselves: What can we all do to challenge our boundaries?”

Read more about Jennifer Lynn Robinson in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Jennifer Lynn Robinson’s TEDx talk at the University of Arkansas starts with her recollection of being hit by a truck as a pedestrian in 2008.

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