Conshohocken Artists Create Butter Sculpture for American Dairy Association Farm Show

butter sculpture
Image via WGAL at YouTube.
Two Conshohocken artists worked on this butter sculpture, themed “Pennsylvania Dairy: Rooted in Progress for Generations to Come.”

Two Conshohocken artists have created an intricate, large-scale butter sculpture for the American Dairy Association North East Farm Show. The news was reported via press release to Markets Insider.

The artwork, comprised of 1,000 pounds of donated Land O’ Lakes butter, will be on display until the Harrisburg show closes Jan. 14.

Crafted to the theme “Pennsylvania Dairy: Rooted in Progress for Generations to Come,” the sculpture depicts several generations of a dairy farming family.

Its artistic talent to carve, shape, and assemble it came from Jim Victor and Marie Pelton.

“Creating art that showcases the hard work of dairy farmers is an immense source of pride for us,” said Victor.

“We also enjoy knowing that the sculpture tells an impactful story about the importance of dairy farming,” added Pelton.

Attendee Steve Harnish of Washington Borough, southeast of Harrisburg, said of the display, “This sculpture could be my own family. [It] is a meaningful way to show how dairy farmers work with their loved ones on land where they have deep roots, but always farming for the future.”

More on the American Dairy Association and its butter sculpture is at Markets Insider.


Although it took many hours over 14 days to complete, this time-lapse video makes it seem as if
the American Dairy Association’s 2023 butter sculpture appeared magically.

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