Norristown to Deploy License Plate Detection to Identify Drivers Maneuvering around Stopped School Buses

kids getting on a bus
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Starting in Jan. 2023, Norristown School District buses will have license detection technology to identify impatient drivers passing their school buses during stops.

Norristown drivers who let their elapsed patience awaiting school kids boarding a stopped, flashing bus had best calm down in early 2023. Justin Heinze, Norristown Patch, reported on a high-tech license plate detection system coming to the ubiquitous morning yellow transport.

The high-tech initiative is designed to keep Norristown School District students safe as they board or disembark.

A driver who tries to slide by a flashing school bus will have his or her license plate captured automatically.

The images will then be reviewed by police officers who will review the footage before making a citation decision.

“Norristown Area School District is proud to be part of a program that works to better protect our students on their journey to and from school,” Norristown Superintendent Christopher Dormer said.

The initiative in Norristown borough is also being adopted in East and West Norriton.

It’s also set for deployment in two Delaware County school districts and may eventually spread throughout the state.

More on Norristown’s impending license plate detection program is at the Norristown Patch.


This Inside Edition report looked at safety implications of cars ignoring school bus stop alerts.

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