Ardmore Twin and Her Long-Lost Sister Come Within 10 Minutes of Winning ‘The Amazing Race’


Season 34 of CBS’s The Amazing Race saw long-lost twins Molly Sinert and Emily Bushnell make a valiant attempt at a win but ultimately fall victim to the unfamiliar roadways of the Nashville leg. They commented to Blake Haynes on Ozark’s Live, Kansas City, on their performance and what the show meant to them as reunited siblings.

A delay of only 10–15 minutes kept Sinert, an Ardmore resident, from hopping on the final mat with Sinert.

Despite having the grand prize slip through their fingers, Bushnell and Sinert feel that the experience was extremely valuable.

The siblings were separated in different adoptions in South Korea and learned of their connection from a March 2021 23andMe DNA match.

United, they applied to the CBS show.

“[It] was just the opportunity we needed to step away from life and get to know one another,” Sinert said, assessing the overall experience. “The pit stops were excellent opportunities for us to have deep conversations and learn about how she grew up and her family.”

Sinert noted that the race was only the 12th time they were together.

“Having that time alone together was just so special and magical,” she concluded.

More on Molly Sinert and Emily Bushnell and their deepened familial bond is at Ozark’s Live.


The reunion of Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert, who just finished up an appearance on CBS’ The Amazing Race, also got coverage on ABC’s GMA.

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