How Wyndmoor Boy’s Simple Question May Flip the Script on Springfield Township Recreation

skateboarder in the air
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Real estate agent Carmel Archdekin was at the Free Library of Springfield Township, Wyndmoor, with her son, when he asked, “Why isn’t there a skatepark in our neighborhood?”

The question resonated with Archdekin, who decided the question bought up a good opportunity for her to do something for her community.

She paired a fellow real estate agent Michael Gabriel to champion the idea of bringing a skatepark to the township.

“I grew up riding BMX bikes, and I thought this would be a great opportunity for the youth in Springfield Township,” said Gabriel.

“Skateboarding is so much more than a sport,” said Archdekin. “For kids [who] don’t play team sports … skateboard and BMX biking offers an outlet for creativity, exercise, self-discipline, and a way to advance themselves at their own pace.”

Archdekin and Gabriel are proposing the skatepark for Laurel Beech Park, just off Willow Grove Avenue, near Wyndmoor Hose Company No. 1. Its construction there would also precipitate a general revitalization of the park.

Archdekin said they are proposing that the entire area gets revitalized as a destination for local families to enjoy.

Fundraising for the Wyndmoor project is ongoing.

Learn more about the initiative online.

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