Skippack Pharmacist Remains Pro-Shots, Despite Presidential Comment: ‘The Pandemic Is Over’

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Dr. Mayank Amin of Skippack Pharmacy continues to advocate for COVID-19 inoculations and boosters.

In a recent 60 Minutes segment, President Joe Biden commented, “The pandemic is over.” Trish Hartman, 6abc, chronicled reactions to that statement, including observations from Dr. Mayank Amin of Skippack Pharmacy.

The presidential opinion of the healthcare crisis came at a public event in Detroit. Biden had noted an absence of masks in the crowd and was responding to a reporter’s pandemic-related question.

Although Biden still called for “ongoing work” on the issue, he said further: “If you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape.”

Perry Halkitis, School of Public Health dean at Rutgers University, responded swiftly, saying, “The pandemic is absolutely not over.

He continued, citing daily mortality rates and the evolving nature of the infection. Both these data points were positioned as compelling reasons for booster shots.

In Skippack, Amin is still finding the pace brisk enough to deplete some supplies there.

“If you’re looking for a Moderna vaccine, don’t expect to get a vaccine appointment until the end of September, early October,” said Amin. “Otherwise, it’s perfectly safe and efficacious to switch over from Moderna to Pfizer.”

Resident Becky Magdycz of Collegeville was in Skippack to get boosters for herself and her daughters.

Most of her family came down with COVID-19, despite their vaccinations. But Magdycz believes that “…with the vaccine, we had a very mild case.”

More on Dr. Mayank Amin and local reactions to the need for COVID-19 vaccinations is at 6abc.

The Sept. 19-posted 60 Minutes interview with President Biden.
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