No Snow, Heat, or Gloom of Night Can Deter a Mail Courier, But an Accused Elkins Park Thief Sure Tried


Cheltenham Township police officers recently picked up suspect Keyon Clark, a Phila. resident they say they observed acting suspiciously around an Elkins Park mailbox. Jaclyn Lee got the stamp of approval to post the story to 6abc.

When law enforcement officers approached Clark near a drive-up mailbox (at around 3:00 a.m. on Sept. 29), he fled, dropping mail onsite.

A K9 pursuit eventually found him in a nearby woods.

Under the search warrants that followed, officers searched his car and home and found “…dozens more pieces of stolen mail, hundreds of checks, credit cards, debit cards, things like that,” said Lieutenant Andrew Snyder of the Cheltenham Township Police Department.

Investigators said Clark was stealing checks from mailboxes, altering the payee lines and amounts, and cashing them for himself.

The theft stung the victims in more ways than one.

According to Snyder, a resident whose car payment was hijacked “…received a notice that their car was going to be repossessed because they didn’t make their payment on time.”

Other derailed transactions included a mortgage payment and a child support installment.

The charges against Clark may reach the federal level, owing to the tampering with USPS duties.

More on the accusations against Keyon Clark is at 6abc.

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