ChesCo Mail Carrier, Retired from 30 Years of ‘Rain, Sleet, and Dark of Night,’ Didn’t Let COVID Slow Him

Ralph Rostock, postal service retiree, Watermark at Bellingham, Chester County
Image via Watermark at Bellingham, West Chester.
Ralph Rostock, postal service retiree, hasn't let the COVID-29 pandemic affect his fitness routine at Watermark at Bellingham.

Ralph Rostock, a 90-year-old former mail carrier living in a nearby West Chester retirement community, stayed active throughout the pandemic. He saw it as a means to keep his immune system rock-solid, writes Melissa Jacobs for the Main Line Today.

But being active is nothing new for Rostock. His three decades with the U.S. Postal Service primed his mind and body for longevity.

“It was all that walking,” he said. “And I’m still walking — on my own, without assistance.”

Rostock and his wife moved to West Chester in 2019 to be closer to their children and grandchildren. But then the COVID-19 outbreak hit.

After that, Ralph Rostock doubled down on his efforts to stay physically active and mentally engaged.

He walks outside every day and also uses the gym at his residence — Watermark at Bellingham — four or five times per week. He makes sure to log time on the treadmill, bicycle, and elliptical machines.

“I do that to keep my arms and legs in shape,” he said.

He also ensures to attend Watermark’s morning coffee and trivia meetings regularly, as well as reading as much as possible.

“I’m a history buff,” he said. “It keeps the mind sharp.”

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