Father, Son from Bensalem Get Surprise of a Lifetime When Humpback Whale Emerges During Fishing Trip

Image via Zach Pillar via Storyful at 6abc.
Two Bensalem fishermen were after a big catch off the coast of Belmar, N.J., but perhaps not this big.

While out on their boat, a father and son from Bucks County found themselves face to face with one of the largest creatures in the ocean. Staff writers at 6abc reported the thrilling (yet harrowing) experience.

Doug and Zach Piller, residents of Bensalem, were out on a boat in Belmar, N.J. when a school of fish began flailing above the surface around their boat. Excited by the prospect of a large catch, the two decided to capture the moment.

Then, an even large catch emerged to surprise them.

A humpback whale, looking for something to eat, broached the water in the middle of the school. Understandably, the two sportsmen were not exactly ready for this moment.

“Oh (expletive)! I got that on video!” Zach said in the recording.

And because he got it on video, the father and son’s fishing expedition has gone viral, with viewers around the world watching in awe as the large creature has a close encounter with their boat.

Read more about this unexpected visit from a humpback whale at 6abc.

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