Hatfield Saloon Shoulders On for 30+ Years; Owner Cites, ‘That’s How We Survive, with Our Locals’

Casey's Saloon, Hatfield
Image via Riley Roach at The Knight Crier.
Casey's Saloon, Hatfield.

In addition to its menu, two things have helped keep Casey’s Saloon & Eatery in Hatfield afloat for 34 years: attention customers and solid relationships with staff. The tip about eating there came from Riley Roach in The Knight Crier.

Casey’s Saloon is a true mom-and-pop enterprise.

Started in 1988 by Michael Loeffler and his wife, Terry, the name came from one of their daughters, who was so young at its launch, she required babysitting during the workday.

Luckily Loeffler’s mother lived a walkable distance away.

Of his dedicated staff, he commented: “You have to be devoted to them. You have to accept the fact that employees are people with problems and priorities that don’t necessarily always align with yours.”

On the customers’ side, Casey’s Saloon benefited greatly from their loyalty, especially during the pandemic.

“It’s Hatfield,” Loeffler said. “This isn’t the shore where the summer crowd is there, and people are walking by. If you don’t have local people, you don’t have anything.”

In the aftermath of the healthcare crisis, Loeffler still supplies food (now onsite) — and attention.

“You have to treat the customers like they are Aunt Sarah or Uncle Tommy. It has to be homey,” he advised.

The Knight Crier can dish the complete version of the story of Casey’s Saloon & Eatery.

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