Reminder: September Is International Update Your Résumé Month

International Update Your Resume Month

Here is your annual reminder that September is “International Update Your Résumé Month.” Are you managing your career and updating your career documents?

As an employee, when you tweak your résumé, you could be simultaneously gathering performance metrics for your end-of-year review. That’s a win-win!

Although the Department of Labor reported a decrease in initial and ongoing unemployment claims over the past 52 weeks, the highest local tristate area insured unemployment rates were New Jersey at 1.9 and Pennsylvania at 1.2 for the week ending September 10.

There may be a lot of job openings and hiring going on, but some companies are also laying off employees, so you always need to keep your career documents current and up to date.

If you haven’t dusted off your résumé in a while and need some tips, here are seven articles to help you with keywords, verbs, formatting, gaps, and more.

Once you have established a solid base résumé, you can make copies and customize them for each job application. If you have the proper format, it’s easy to exchange keywords, and you can also weave in key phrases from each job description.

Here are the typical sections I use in a résumé, though they may vary by individual:

  • Tailored Resume Headline
  • Core Competencies
  • Career Highlights
  • Professional Experience
  • Past Experience (if applicable)
  • Education & Certifications
  • Awards & Honors
  • Professional Organizations
  • Volunteer

Here are a couple of other tips if you are concerned about age discrimination:

  • Do not use an AOL email; get a Gmail address
  • Do not use Times New Roman; try Calibri or another modern font
  • No “Objective” or “References available upon request”
  • Remove graduation dates
  • Only go back 12–15 years of work experience

If you don’t have time or don’t want to update your résumé on your own, hire a career coach who will collaborate with you individually.

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