Valley Forge Academy Qatar Open and Accepting Students

Young cadets explore virtual reality at Valley Forge Academy Qatar
Image via Valley Forge Academy Qatar.
Young cadets explore virtual reality at Valley Forge Academy Qatar

Valley Forge Academy in Qatar started accepting male students this month from Pre-K to Grade 7, with plans to expand to students through 12th grade in the next phase of the opening in the coming year, writes Fareeha Imtiaz for

The new school is located in Aspire Zone, in the heart of Qatar’s sports hub.

Valley Forge Academy Qatar offers a range of facilities on its 420,000-square-foot property. The school is equipped to accommodate 1,700 students while providing them with extra-curricular activities such as golf, fencing, and martial arts.

It is the first school in Qatar to develop a gaming facility.

The school aims to provide a quality American education while remaining rooted in Qatari culture.

It will prioritize the Qatari culture, Islamic religion and the Arabic language.

The Qatar school is affiliated with Valley Forge Military Academy and College in Wayne, which has several Qatari graduates as alumni, including some who have gone on to become senior government officials and professional athletes in Qatar.

According to the school, it is the only American school in Qatar to have this type of partnership with an internationally-recognized academic institution with a history of over 100 years.

The approach at Valley Forge Academy in Qatar is holistic, bringing together a formal education system and an unconventional approach applied within the boundaries of the classroom and outside.

Extracurricular activities are highly valued at the school and a combination of individual learning and collaborative team studies is encouraged.

The Qatar school uses traditional teaching techniques side by side with digital technologies.

The school instills the five core pillars valued at Valley Forge Academy in Wayne—Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development, and Leadership.

All of these pillars come together to lead students to claim a sense of ownership and responsibility, thus, aiding them to become sound future leaders.

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