Lower Moreland Police Department Issues Official Tisk-Tisk to Criminal TikTok Challenge


Ah, if only engaging in a TikTok challenge now was like it was in the good old days, participating in harmless bits of recorded stupidity like styling hair with Gorilla Glue or eating corn on the cob spiked on a spinning drill bit. Unfortunately, according to the Lower Moreland Police Department, a current video-issued dare is something of a lesson in grand theft auto. Chris O’Connell, FOX 29 News, logged on to report the story.

Posts have shown how to jigger ignition systems in 2011–2021 Kia and 2015–2021 Hyundai models. The tactic involves smashing the steering column and manipulating the wiring with a screwdriver, pair of pliers, or even a common USB cable plug.

Milwaukee has been hit particularly hard by the trend; 5,700 vehicles were taken before year-end 2021.

Both car manufacturers have established consumer phone lines to field calls about the situation.

The Lower Moreland warning is not in response to reported thefts in the township. Yet.

It is, rather, a bit of preemptive information that the posts are out there — being continually removed by moderators — showing viewers how to start certain cars without the use of keys.

Along with its consciousness-raising, the department also has a bit of practical advice for Hyundai and Kia owners to lessen their chances of being victimized: invest in a steering-wheel lock.

Additional details on this criminal TikTok challenge are at FOX 29 News.