King of Prussia-Based Banana Loca Kitchen Gadget Goes Viral on TikTok and Shark Tank Fans Are Divided


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King of Prussia-based company Banana Loca first appeared on Shark Tank this past December and secured a deal with sharks Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban. After a clip of the show was posted on TikTok, the kitchen gadget has gone viral and opinions are divided, writes Selena Barrientos for Yahoo News.

The TikTok page Our Favorite Finds started a series called “Testing Shark Tank Products” and one of the items they tried was the Banana Loca kitchen gadget. The item lets people core a banana and fill it with their spread of choice, such as peanut butter, Nutella, or chocolate.

Since the clip was first posted on January 11, the short TikTok has accumulated over seven million views and over 400,000 likes.

Down in the comments section, plenty of people weren’t afraid to voice their honest opinion on the product.

“I’m mad this actually got invented,” one said. “Why? Just why? Just unnecessary,” another added. “They invested into a product that solves a problem that really isn’t a problem/a problem worth solving,” someone else wrote. “Or, you know. Peel the banana, cut it in slices and put Nutella on it. Because work smarter not harder?” another commented.

While many were critical of Banana Loca, other viewers were in full support of the product, even if it appealed to a niche market. “I love Shark Tank, I’m here for it,” one person wrote. “I’m definitely ordering this,” another said. “I know I don’t need it. But now I need it,” someone else commented.

Regardless of all the opposing opinions, the numbers have already shown that Banana Loca has already become a successful Shark Tank product. Despite a 20% dip in viewership, Banana Loca had roughly 100 times more orders than other companies seen during the same episode.

While the start-up initially thought they’d get less than 10,000 new orders after the episode aired, they’ve sent out tens of thousands since then.

Read more about Shark Tank viewers’ reactions to Banana Loca at Yahoo News.

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