Norristown Lottery Player Misses on Being a Billionaire Settles for Being a Millionaire

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Image via News 19 WLTX (Columbia, S.C.) at YouTube.
The July 29, 2022, Mega Millions draw, which had more than a billion dollars up for grabs.

A pessimist would characterize the Norristown Mega Millions player who matched enough drawn numbers to net $1 million as someone who lost $999 million in an instant. An optimist, however, would see how that same local lucky player parlayed a $2 ticket into a $999,998 return — not a bad investment. Whether the windfall is seen as large or small, it still represented the only payout in Pa., as reported by FOX 29 News.

Of the 20 $1 million winning tickets, one was sold to a purchaser at the 7-Eleven on West Germantown Pike, Norristown. The lucky buyer matched all five white balls in the draw — 13, 36, 45, 57, 67 — but missed the yellow Mega Ball, which was 14.

Still, a cool mil picked up alongside a cherry Slurpee and a rotisserie hotdog is still an enviable accomplishment. The county’s overnight millionaire shares that distinction with only 19 other players across the U.S. Fla. seemed to be the most opportune state in which to play; three “thanks-for-playing” winners were from the Sunshine State.

The winning slip for the whole magilla was bought in Des Plaines, Ill., a Chicago suburb. That owner walks away with $1.28 billion, a jackpot that swelled nationally in light of lotto fever.

And even that largesse pales somewhat in comparison to the record Mega Millions prize, the $1.537 billion awarded to a South Carolina player in 2018.

Which, at 7-Eleven, is a mountain of nachos.

More on the good fortune of a Norristown Mega Millions lottery player is at FOX 29 News.

Didn’t take long to make a few people very happy and a vast majority of people rather disappointed.