Malvern Bank House of the Week: Harleysville Home in Which Mother Nature Supplied Both the Setting and the Building Materials

1926 Old Church Road, Harleysville

The home at 1926 Old Church Road, Harleysville, was constructed in 1970, a time when the back-to-nature movement was in full, groovy swing. Although fashion and music tastes have changed since then (perhaps for the better, up to debate), the construction of this cozy real estate opportunity is quite current, with its accent on open flow and attractive seasonal views.

Upon entering the house, attention is immediately drawn to the slate fireplace, three bay windows, maple hardwood walls, teak flooring, and ten-foot ceiling.

The windows continue to enhance that entire side of the structure, adding a bright, airy vibe to the dining room.

The kitchen has a sliding door that leads to a recently rebuilt raised porch. The from that vantage point, the vistas spread for miles.

The finished basement has much potential: further build-out could turn it into additional entertainment space. Or, as-is, it offers plentiful storage. The laundry facilities are located there as well.

The asking price for 1926 Old Church Road, Harleysville and its 1.3-acre plot is $395,000.

Additional details on its three bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and other amenities are at

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