Dresher Lacrosse Pro Learned His Signature Move from Watching Phila. Eagle LeSean McCoy on TV

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Image via Q-Collar Official at YouTube.
Michael Sowers from Dresher.

Dresher’s Michael Sowers — a pack-leader on the Premier Lacrosse League pro Waterdogs team — benefits from an upbringing of deep family roots, natural athleticism, and a humble spirit. His status as a Phila. Eagles fan endears him to his hometown but also makes him that much more agile on the field. Sarah Griffin settled in to tell his story for PremierLacrosseLeague.com.

Sowers attributes much of his present-day lacrosse skill to his dad, who sparingly doled out opportunities to play to keep Sowers’ interest high.

He also benefited from watching and playing football, adapting gridiron moves to the lacrosse field.

One particularly effective pigskin skill — juking — he picked up watching Eagles football, particularly the stutter-step moves of LeSean McCoy. It is now one of Sowers’ signature dodges.

As a college athlete, Sowers played lacrosse for both Princeton and Duke, where his skill brought widespread attention from pro scouts.

He opted for the Waterdogs, to the delight head coach Andy Copelan. Although only in his second season, he established a solid point guard reputation for what Copeland has cited as “…speed, skill, and a high lacrosse IQ.”

But more than that, his solid character stands out.

“Sometimes you have these hot shot young guys come in with a big head and that’s always a red flag,” said Copelan. “That’s not Michael. He came in here with humility… . He’s a team-first guy.”

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