Pottstown Smoothie Shop Has Patrons Going Bananas, But Its Big Draw Is the Owners’ Big Hearts

glass with pink liquid
Image via Smoothie Q.
Smoothie Q, a Pottstown quick-serve restaurant, offers healthy blends and bowls; it also provides practical assistance to community members in need.

Smoothie Q, a new quick-serve shop in Pottstown, is so committed to bananas’ nutritional and flavorful upsides it has based its entire menu on their use. John J. Moser peeled back the layers on this story for WFMZ. 69 News.

Owners Frank and Heather Anderson fashioned the menu’s smoothies (14 varieties), açaí bowls, Jamaican patties, and coco bread to bring wellness to the area. Together, they have been concocting healthful beverages at home for a decade, with Frank’s experience running an additional 15 years before that.

Top-to-bottom, the food highlights the versatile, vitamin-packed banana, either forward in the flavor profile of a beverage or more subtly layered into the more savory dishes.

But what the menu doesn’t show is the business’ community service and mission of giving back. The Andersons intend to feed families in need, regardless of what caused the disadvantage.

In this latter component of the business model, the proprietors seek community input. Smoothie Q has an onsite recommendation box in which customers can nominate families needing a helping hand, whether those struggling individuals live in Pottstown or not.

At each month’s end, four suggested families will receive gift cards to a local grocery store.

This act of kindness augments the Anderson’s faith-based support of a community disability championing group and an emergency resource for families in crisis.

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