Willow Grove’s Dan Trachtenberg Hunts for Ratings with New ‘Predator’ Release on Hulu


Willow Grove homeboy-gone-Hollywood director Dan Trachtenberg is about to unleash more mayhem in the Predator film franchise. Alicia Vitarelli chased down the details on his film Prey for 6abc.

Prey may look like a prequel — it’s episode number five in the saga and takes place three centuries before the original — but Trachtenberg insists it is not.

“It certainly is designed to be anyone’s first Predator movie,” he said. “It’s great for people who love Predator and want more.

He contined: “Maybe it is the Philly roots, I don’t know. But I sought to imbue it with the engine of an underdog story, of a sports movie. I thought then the movie could be thematically about something and emotionally charged, as well as super-badass.”

Trachtenberg purposefully opted for a cast of Native American and First Nations performers, a natural fit for the narrative he ovesaw. Prey maintains the plot line of the prior films — voracious alien brutally eats anything and everything that crosses its path — but this time, a young Comanche warrior battles the beast.

Amber Midthunder plays heroine Naru.

She recapped the project, saying. “There are so many cool elements to this movie. Obviously, there’s a lot of action. There’s a lot of cool story substance.

“But definitely, the representation is what I’m most proud of.”

More on Prey, which starts streaming Aug. 5, is at 6abc.